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Preliminary Plan Review Application

  1. Preliminary Plan Review Application
    Community Development Department - Building Division - 5127 Oakton St, Skokie, IL 60077
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  3. The Village of Skokie will perform a preliminary review of your building elevations, floor plans, and site plans upon the completion and submittal of this application. All required documents and fees must be submitted. This preliminary review covers general zoning and code issues. The preliminary review does not cover building code regulations and in no way constitutes a complete plan review. A complete plan review can only be done by submitting plans along with a Building Permit application. The submittal of plans for a preliminary review does not constitute approval of such plans.
  4. Preferred method of contact:
  5. Fee Schedule:
  6. Residential Use (new)
  7. $100 plus $50.00 per unit
  8. Non-Residential Use
  9. $100 plus $50.00 per 1,000 square feet (building square footage)
  10. Any Other Zoning Review (Impervious Surfaces, Residential Addition, Accessory Structures, Parking Analysis, etc.)
  11. $75.00
  12. Site Visit (any site)
  13. $75.00
  14. (All fees are nonrefundable. One plan review will be conducted free of charge after the initial review to determine if recommended modifications have been made. Additional reviews will be charged a fee based on the above listed fees schedule.)
  15. Required Submittal Requirements
  16. Site Plan and Plat of Survey drawn to a common scale. 4 COPIES
  17. Floor Plans and Building Elevations drawn to a common scale. 4 COPIES
  18. Electronic Copy. Email to
  19. List of all existing and proposed tenants (with leasable square footage) for any parking analysis. 1 COPY
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