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Alarm Permit Registration Form

  1. Village of Skokie
    Police Department
  2. seal green
  3. Alarm Permit Registration Form
    Please review the information for accuracy.
  4. 1. Alarmed Location
  5. 2. Responsible Party
  6. 3. Contact Names
  7. Name
  8. Name
  9. 4. Additional Information
  10. 5. Alarm Companies
  11. Monitored?
  12. 6. Authority to Search and Investigate*

    If Skokie Police respond to an activated alarm and make observations that indicate suspicion and cannot contact a keyholder, I give them authority to enter and search to investigate.

  13. Please indicate the fee type:*
  14. Upon submission, please check your email for a permit number and instructions to make payment.
    *Your permit number and instructions may take 1-2 business days to be sent.
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