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Compost Bin Reimbursement Form

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  3. Compost Bin Reimbursement Form

    In August 2017, the Skokie Village Board approved amendments to the Village Code allowing composting of certain household food scraps, in addition to yard waste, on single-family residential properties. All composting must use approved containers. The code change was recommended by the Sustainable Environmental Advisory Commission, as encouraging residents to compost food scraps and yard waste is an objective of the Skokie Environmental Sustainability Plan. Please complete and submit the following form to receive a $25 reimbursement for a qualifying compost bin. The regulations for an approved bin be found below as well as an image of an approved bin.

  4. Compost Bin Requirements Pursuant to Section 86-17 of the Skokie Village Code
    -Backyard composting is permitted and a reimbursement will be offered for commercial composting bins that are in compliance with specifications set forth by the Skokie Health Department.
  5. -Because food scraps can be an attractant to rats and other pests, only compost containers that are sealed on all sides with holes smaller than ¼” will be allowed.
  6. -Backyard composting is permitted in R1 Single-Family residential zoning districts and R2 Single-Family residential zoning districts, for the benefit of the owner/occupant of the residence.
  7. -Approved composting bins shall be located in a rear yard, and be placed a minimum of 5 feet away from all side yard lot lines.
  8. Required Maintenance of Approved Composting Bins
    Approved composting bins must be maintained in such a way as to prevent pest infestation or noxious odors. In the event an approved composting bin has been damaged or penetrated by rodents or another animal pest, then the owner or occupant of the residence, shall immediately dismantle or destroy the bin and dispose of any and all material, or cause this to happen. Failure to do so shall be a violation of the Section.
  9. Example Compost Bin Eligible for Rebate
    Compost Bin Eligible Rebate Example
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