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Property Beautification Award Nomination Form

  1. Village of Skokie
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  3. Nomination Form for the Beautification and Improvement Commission’s Annual Property Owner Awards
    *Property nominations are accepted from homes, businesses, condominiums, schools, churches, or synagogues.
  4. Please write only the first and last name(s) of the property owner(s), or the name of the business. (Prefixes such as Mr. or Mrs., or middle initials will not be printed). Please indicate 'unknown' if you do not know the property owner's name.

  5. Applications must be completed by August 1st.
    The signed nomination form should be in a pdf file and photos in a jpeg file. If you do not have a digital camera, the Commission will take a photo after receiving the application.
  6. Please completely fill out the following authorization to use photographs for publicity and promotion:

    I grant permission to the Beautification and Improvement Commission of the Village of Skokie to use the enclosed photographs or to re-photograph my property for the purpose of entering the Annual Property Award Program. All photographs submitted become the property of the Village of Skokie. I also release these photographs to be used for promotion and publicity in the Village of Skokie newspaper, website, and other media outlets. Note that this will be requested of property owner if property is nominated by another individual.

  7. Questions?
    Please call Public Works - 847/933-8427 or email
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