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1. When does the Village plow my street? Sidewalk? Alley?
2. What should I do with my car if it is parking on the street while I'm on vacation or at work and it snows?
3. Can I park on either side of the street once the street is plowed?
4. My vehicle was towed due to a violation of the alternate-side parking program. Where can I pick it up?
5. Why is snow pushed into my driveway by snowplows?
6. Every time a snowplow comes down my alley, it plows the snow up against my garage and I have to shovel out. Why does this happen?
7. I have a serious medical condition. Can you plow my street first in case there is an emergency and an ambulance needs to get through?
8. My garbage has not been picked up yet, even though it's my regular collection day. When will it be picked up?
9. Are all streets in the Village under Village jurisdiction?
10. Are there streets that are exempt from snow parking provisions?