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Skokie Spirit Shines Through Neighbor Nomination Form

  1. Skokie Spirit Shines Through Nominations
    Nominate a Skokie friend or neighbor whose Skokie Spirit Shines Through to be considered for a neighbor profile that will be featured in Village outreach. Enter your information and then enter as much information as you have for the person you are nominating. If your neighbor agrees to be featured, we will contact them for an interview. Their profile story will include some of the basics - name, how long they've lived in Skokie, etc., with details on how they contribute to a positive community spirit, maybe a word or two on their favorite Skokie store or restaurant and more. Thank you!
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    First, tell us why are you nominating this individual for a Skokie Spirit Shines Through profile. How do you know them, and how does their Skokie Spirit Shine Through?
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    Thank you for submitting this Skokie Spirit Shines Through nomination! You will receive more information soon about the status of your nomination.
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